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Night Vision Monoculars

We offer night vision monoculars from industry leading manufacturers including ATN, FLIR, Pulsar, IR Defense, and more. These monoculars come in many different shapes and sizes in 3 distinct technology types; Thermal imaging, Image Intensification(I^2), and Digital night vision. These three technologies come with 3 very different sets of advantages and disadvantages. Thermal imaging is the most effective tool for detection of living things, or anything with a heat signature which makes it the most popular type of night vision for nighttime hog hunting, coyote hunting, and predator hunting. Image intensification also called I^2 is best equipped for recognition or positive ID of facial features which makes it the most widely used technology in law enforcement and military applications. Recently thermal imaging has advanced to a point where facial recognition is possible, and thermal vs I^2 for positive ID is a topic of debate. Digital night vision is the lowest priced night vision on the market, but still offers enough image quality to be an effective night hunting and surveillance tool. There is a variety of
thermal hog hunting, thermal coyote and predator hunting, and digital night vision videos on our YouTube Channel to help educate the public on the different types of night vision. Call us for expert advice in selecting the right product at 800.769.0159.
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Gen3 PVS14 ITT PINNACLE Autogated  w 10 Year Warranty Trijicon IR PATROL LE100 640x480 THERMAL MONOCULAR Hyper MUM 4G High Resolutions Images of the FLIR LS-XR Thermal Imager
ITT Generation 3 PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular
Our Price: $2,999.00 - $3,995

FLIR Recon M18 No Laser FLIR Recon M18 with IR Laser FLIR Recon M18 with Red Laser FLIR Recon M24
FLIR M18 Recon w/ No Laser - 640x480
List Price: $10,999.00
Our Price: $10,827.00
FLIR M18 Recon w/ IR Laser - 640x480
List Price: $11,027.00
Our Price: $11,027.00
FLIR M18 Recon w/ IR Laser - 640x480
List Price: $11,027.00
Our Price: $11,027.00
FLIR M24 Recon w/ No Laser - 640x480
List Price: $8,273.00
Our Price: $8,273.00
Custom Hard Case for Pulsar Quantum HD18 and HD38 SkeetIR-X with IR Laser FLIR Scout III 320 FLIR Scout TK Compact Thermal Monocular Multiple angles
Scout TK Compact Monocular
Our Price: $599.00
FLIR Scout III 640 Armasight Nyx 14 Monocular MOD-3 C-Mount Night Vision Monocular with Gain Control - Filmless White Phosphor MOD-3 Bravo Binocular Bridge
Helion XP50 640 IR Patrol M300W 640X480 Thermal Multi Purpose Trijicon IR PATROL LE100C 640X480 THERMAL MONOCULAR Quantum Lite XQ30V
Pulsar Helion XP50 640 2.5-20X Thermal Monocular
List Price: $4,399.00
Our Price: $3,999.97 with FREE Accessories!