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Muti-Purpose Night Vision

Some missions require that a night vision device have multi-use capabilities such as helmet mounting with the ability for quick detachment to transition to picatinny rail mounting. These multi-use devices are best know for use in navigation, identification, and close quarters applications. Their wide field of view and low magnification makes them very useful at close ranges, and limits their abilities at longer ranges. The PVS-14 is by far the most widely used and versatile I^2 night vision device. There are many other multi-purpose I^2 devices you will find in our offering with different sets of advantages and disadvantages, but the PVS-14 is known as the go-to device for multi-purpose I^2 applications. If you are in need of a device to navigate or engage a target at close range, then a multi-purpose night vision device is a great option for your application. Call us for expert advice in selecting the right product at 800.769.0159.
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L3 Gen3 Vyper-14 Autogated w 3 Year Warranty Photonis 4G ECHO White Phosphor PVS-14 Photonis 4G Vyper 14 L3 Gen3 Vyper-14 C Autogated w 3 Year Warranty
Gen3 PVS14 ITT PINNACLE Autogated  w 10 Year Warranty L3 Gen3 PVS14 Autogated w 3 Year Warranty Trijicon IR PATROL LE100 640x480 THERMAL MONOCULAR Trijicon IR PATROL M300W-K WEAPON MOUNTED KIT
ITT Generation 3 PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular
Our Price: $2,999.00 - $3,995

Right Angle IR Hunter Video Cable L3 Gen3 PVS14 Autogated w 3 Year Warranty L3 Gen3 PVS14 Autogated w 3 Year Warranty Photonis 4G White Phosphor ECHO PVS-14
Hyper MUM 4G DLOC True Return to Zero Mount for the IR Patrol and REAP-IR MOD-3 Modular Night Vision Monocular/Binocular System MOD-3 C-Mount Night Vision Monocular with Gain Control - Filmless White Phosphor
MOD-3 Bravo Binocular Bridge Vyper-14-C vyper 14 Aluminum PVS-14 Housing